2017 borg Hall of Fame

It’s been one long year of great entertainment.  Before we wrap our coverage of 2017, it’s time for the fifth annual round of new honorees for the borg Hall of Fame.  We have plenty of honorees from 2017 films, plus many from past years, and a peek at some from the future.  You can always check out the updated borg Hall of Fame on our home page under “Know your borg.”

In anticipation of the 2017 film Logan, last year we added Old Man Logan, Laura/X-23, and cyborg-armed mercenary Donald Pierce.  We also added Scarlet Johansson’s character The Major, previewing 2017’s live-action film The Ghost in the Shell.

We didn’t get the big ballroom at our venue reserved early enough for the induction ceremony this year, so it limited us to tapping only 24 named characters into the revered Hall of Fame this year.

As with last year, we’re granting a few early entrances this year, first to Simone Missick’s badass cop Misty Knight, who is getting a borg arm for season two of Luke Cage in 2018.

And here is an early look at Josh Brolin’s Cable, from 2018’s Deadpool sequel.  The borg comic book character Cable was a first round honoree to the Hall, so this is just another update to the character.

Onto this year… Kingsman’s almost-a-Kingsman Charlie was thought to have been killed off in the first film.  But he was back in the 2017 film Kingsman: The Golden Circle, sporting cyborg components.

A host of new borgs–Replicants in Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?–returned to the big screen in Blade Runner 2049, including some new names and faces, like Ryan Gosling’s K

… and Dave Bautista’s aged Replicant Sapper Morton.

Having an aged Replicant like Morton allowed the filmmakers to bring back the original Replicant and borg Hall of Famer Blade Runner, Deckard, again played by Harrison Ford (and was that possibly a Replicant dog we saw him with?).

And yes, clarification by Denis Villeneuve or not, of course he’s a Replicant!

We loved the new badass upgrade named Luv.

And along with Decker, even a CGI of Sean Young’s Rachael made a return appearance.

Aki, a “sentient, artificial intelligence,” futuristic robotic character played by Marama Corlette, was a villain in the short-lived 2017 Syfy Channel series Blood Drive. 

In CW’s series The Flash, as a resident of Earth Twenty-Two, Wells 2.0 became a cyborg in order to survive.

James Bond associate Felix Leiter lost a leg and arm in Live and Let Die. In the 2017 James Bond: Felix Leiter comic book series from Dynamite Comics, he has a new cybernetic arm and leg, thanks to a gift from Mr. Bond.

We’re thinking 451 Entertainment’s Red Dog of the Red Dog comic book series looks too real to be only robotic, so we’re pulling him over the fence for admission into the Hall.

Many more great Synths appeared on BBC’s Humans in 2017, including this rather ruthless new Synth (carrying the white container), Hester, played by Sonya Cassidy.

But Humans’ best borg of this season was probably Emily Berrington’s Niska, who releases a virus to wake up the Synths that doesn’t go as planned.

Airiam was a new cyborg character from Star Trek Discovery.

From The Orville, we met the new robotic lifeform crew member, Isaac.

Damon Wilder played the Cyborg Sweeper in the Danny Trejo film, Cyborg X.

And even more prior entrants were revisited on film.

Like Old Man Luke Skywalker with a look at his borg shoulder in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

… and a good look at his borg hand.

And here’s a new image of Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy 2, where she used her cybernetics to save the Guardians.

And here are some blasts from the past:

Anjelica Huston played The Supreme Leader from Michael Jackson’s early film in the 3D movie Renaissance, Captain EO.  It only played at Disney theme parks so many have never seen some of the great visuals in the movie.

Real life J.J. Armes was such a popular detective in the 1970s, he had his own Ideal Toys action figure, featuring his “bio-kinetic” hand replacements.  He’s now 85 and living in Texas.

The Action Man toys featured Dr. X, who sported a bionic arm and eye… and that mohawk.

Shingen Yashida devised the Silver Samurai suit with Viper to sustain himself and to steal Wolverine’s healing powers in the film The Wolverine.

Blair Brown’s character Nina Sharp sported a cybernetic arm on the TV series Fringe.

And last, but not least, let’s get caught up on the FXX Network animated series Archer:

First up, ODIN agent Barry Dylan.

Katya Kazanova was rebuilt as a borg as well, eventually becoming the head of the KGB.

Dr. Krieger made Ray Gillette cybernetic legs.

And he made a cyborg arm for Conway Stern.

Give them all a (cybernetic) hand, the 2017 members of the borg.com Hall of Fame!

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

C.J. Bunce

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