The Great Dalmuti–1990s tactics card game gets a re-issue by Wizards of the Coast with a D&D theme

Just when you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite Dungeons & Dragons gamer, Wizards of the Coast steps in with an update to one of its classic card games.  The Great Dalmuti is a multi-player card game from the mind of Richard Garfield, creator of Magic the Gathering.  Artist Harry Conway has provided the D&D spin on the cards, but the core rules remain the same.  It’s available now here at Amazon, and via your local game shop.

You’ll learn the disadvantages of playing position quickly, like going first can give you an advantage, and lowest ranking players in each round get taxed by the winning player.  You’ll see the D&D twist with a switch in characters from the original and earlier edition:

This is a game that rewards the player in the lead position, where most games allow a catch-up mechanism.  It’s for 4-8 players, so it needs more players than a quick backseat game, but if you have a big family, it may be the place to look next.

Recommended for ages 8 and older.  It’s easy enough for beginners (it’s been around 25 years so you can find several demonstrations on YouTube), and you can run through a game in about 15 minutes.  Get your set of The Great Dalmuti cards here at Amazon, or order a set from your favorite game shop.

And if card games are your thing and you’re after something different from UNO or Munchkin, don’t forget to check out  Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness, the Dungeon Mayhem base core deck set, and the supplemental Battle for Baldur’s Gate expansion pack.

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