Dark Horse Comics–Back with Star Wars in Hyperspace anthology

Back in 2014, with the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Marvel Comics’ parent Disney, Disney pulled the plug on 23 years of continuity created by Dark Horse Comics writers and artists.  But happily for fans of Dark Horse’s brand of storytelling, late last year Disney brought Dark Horse back into the fold with its all-ages Star Wars anthology comic, Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories.  Each monthly issue introduces a new story, with a plot thread tying all the books together.  Like with Marvel’s original 1970s series, the anthology takes readers to all corners of the galaxy.  One story looks at the prequel heroes, the next follows Luke and Leia after the destruction of the Death Star, the next puts General Leia Organa with Finn and Poe in the future, followed by a story of Rey and Chewbacca celebrating Life Day.  The series has something for everyone, and it’s seeing its first collected edition this month, as Issues #1-4 come together in Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories–Rebels and Resistance

And if you’re a fan of Marvel’s original character Jaxxon, you’re probably going to want to track down a copy of the limited Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual #1 –the Jaxxon Annual–featuring everyone’s favorite space-faring rabbit.

Here’s the marketing info on the Annual issue:

Holy Hutch!  Jaxxon’s back!  Taking a break from his stellar career as a New Republic fighter ace, the galaxy’s greatest green rabbit is sent on a top-secret diplomatic mission to Endor, only to end up in the middle of a full-blown Ewok Civil War!  Things get dicey, and our long eared Lepi might have to choose between saving the day, and saving his own skin!  

The best part is this is Dark Horse creating Star Wars canon, so what happens in this book sticks with the galaxy of adventures, at least until someone buys Star Wars from Disney someday.  The hitch is that the Annual issue is a “Convention Exclusive Comic” that Dark Horse will only be offering at select conventions and via Dark Horse Direct.  So you’re going to be paying a lot more than the monthly price for this–it lists at $24.99–and you’re going to need to track it down.  At top is the Mike Mignola variant.  Here is the 1970s-style Joelle Jones variant cover:

The Annual is written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Nick BrokenshireThe third cover is by one of comicdom’s best of the best, Sergio Aragones.  Here is the art for that cover:

Here is a look inside the first collected edition for the series:

Order Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories–Rebels and Resistance now from Elite Comics, your local comic shop, or here at Amazon.  The Mignola cover edition of the series’ first Annual is available currently at Dark Horse Direct here.

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