And the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive sightings begin

Jaws Entertainment Earth exclusive SDCC 2015 comic-con Quint and shark

Youth is wasted on the young.

I should have this line from It’s a Wonderful Life in a frame hanging over my desk.

Case in point:  The exclusive Jaws shark and bloody Quint playset available only from Entertainment Earth in San Diego on Comic-Con weekend.

How much fun would we have had with that toy as kids?

And–wow–look at these nifty Planet of the Apes figures from NECA toys:

NECA-CC15-POTA-Bundle SDCC 2015

NECA has introduced some of our favorite lines in the past, like the retro Tron line from more than a decade ago.

San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are being announced in advance of the show in addition to what will be revealed at this year’s show with 40 exclusives this year from Entertainment Earth alone.  If you want one of them you’ll need to be at SDCC 2015, except for some, which we have links to pre-order from below.  And this year you’ll be limited to one per person for SDCC 2015 Entertainment Earth exclusives as other booths have done in the past.  So you’ll need to enlist some friendly Con-goers to buy extra for you.

CW Funko SDCC 2015 exclusives Arrow Flash

Highlights include new Funko ReAction unmasked Oliver Queen and Barry Allen figures from the CW series Arrow and The Flash, as well as these:

 Funko figures SDCC 2015

… a special edition “hole in the head” T-1000 and an Arnold with grenade launcher, both from Terminator 2, as well as a dead Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad.

Last year Funko brought more than 85 exclusives to the big Con, and this year the company’s blog has stated that this year Funko is expanding to cover as many licensed properties as possible.  Here is a Helena Pop! figure from Orphan Black and a flocked Ted from Ted 2:

Funko Pop SDCC 2015 exclusives

Toy company Bif! Bang! Pow! is offering several action figures.  Click on the links to pre-order these if you’re not attending the Con.  These include a Star Trek IV whale bobblehead, Flash and Ming action figures, and a Tina Fey/Amy Poehler Saturday Night Live action figure set.

Flash and Ming the Merciless SDCC 2015 SNL action figure set SDCC 2015 Star Trek IV bobble head

Our friends at Hallmark are selling this neat set of Star Wars sculpts at the show:

Hallmark-CC15-U3PO-R5D4 SDCC 2015

That’s U-3PO and R5-D4.

Many outlets will be featuring exclusive merchandise at SDCC 2015.  Check out this link at the SDCC website for updates.

Keep coming back to, as we’ll have new images for many exclusives and new releases for you the week of SDCC 2015.

C.J. Bunce

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