1979’s Alien returns to theaters next month for new Alien Day fan event

Aliens rock music video 1980s

Following on its success with last year’s Back to the Future Day celebration and the annual Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), 20th Century Fox has created a new day to bring fans back to the Alien franchise.  Although we believe they should have gone with Mother’s Day, April 26, 2016, is being targeted for the first Alien Day in honor of the doomed world, LV-426, where Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley first encountered the vile xenomorphs in 1979’s Alien.  This means bringing the movie back for a limited theatrical release and plenty of product tie-ins.  It’s all in anticipation of Fox’s release of Ridley Scott’s next Alien franchise film next year, Alien: Covenant, starring Michael Fassbender.

Aliens Funko

For action figure fans, NECA is releasing Lieutenant Vasquez, Newt, and Kenner-style Ellen Ripley figures, and Funko is releasing a Kenner-style Queen, Power Loader and Ripley figure set and Super 7 will offer several figures.  Hot Toys will sell a 1:6 scale Ripley figure.  Look for Kotobukiya to release a 1:10 scale xenomorph.  Sideshow and Medicon Toy company will also release new Alien figures.

Alien Invasion Lebbon

Titan Books is releasing a new Tim Lebbon tie-in novel, Alien: Invasion.  (Check out our review and interview with Lebbon here at borg.com of Lebbon’s first awesome Alien novel Alien: Out of the Shadows).  And Alien: Out of the Shadows will get its own audiobook featuring the voice of Rutger Hauer.  Insight Editions will release a new book, The Weyland-Yutani Report.

Dark Horse Comics is releasing a 30th anniversary hardcover edition of the 1986 Aliens comic books series, plus special variant covers for the monthly Aliens series.  And Dark Horse is partnering with DC Comics to re-release its Batman v. Aliens series.

Alien Ripley Stomper Reebok

Reebok will be bringing its Alien Stomper out of the mothballs.  Ripley’s high-top shoes and Bishop’s regular style shoes (shown above) will be available at Reebok.com and shoe stores worldwide.

AVp Clue  AVP yahtzee

Alamo Drafthouse theaters will host an Alien/Aliens double feature on Alien Day, complete with Mondo T-shirt for pre-ordered tickets, and exclusive apparel, accessories, posters and records will be available as part of the screenings.  Tickets are on sale now at this link.

Soundtrack LP Alien

And there’s plenty more.  Loot Crate will offer a special Alien crate.  Board games include YAHTZEE! Alien vs. Predator Edition and CLUE: Alien vs. Predator (I got it!  It’s Ripley in the Shuttle with the Flamethrower!).  Online digital pinball games… Upper Deck trading cards… soundtracks… horror apparel… or sign up for a 24-hour trivia challenge (learn more at this link).

It all begins April 26.  Don’t miss it!

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