Find the Xenomorph–Aliens “Search-and-Find” book ups the ante on Where’s Waldo?

Review by C.J. Bunce

We’ve dug into “Search-and-Find” books before here at borg, like Star Trek’s Quibbles with Tribbles and Bloopers books.  A “Where’s Waldo?” type game, with puzzles just like in that doctor’s office waiting room staple Highlights magazine, Search-and-Finds are light-hearted books of fun, now targeted at fans of genre and pop culture properties.  In Find the Xenomorph: An Aliens Search-and-Find Book, this next colorful hardcover book switches gears to the dark sci-fi horror monsters of James Cameron’s Aliens, the popular, classic sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien. The art will conjure H.R. Giger’s creations, and the hunts will not be easy.

Xenomorphs, chestbusters, and facehuggers, oh, my!  Taking fourteen original illustrations from Aliens, join Ellen Ripley and the Colonial Marines as they hide, hunt, and try to save the little girl.  And for Jonesy fans, don’t worry: no cats were harmed in the making or use of this book.

Creating these kinds of illustrations is hard work, and artist Kevin Crossley really does it right.  Each two-page spread features hidden characters or monsters, and a guide helps the reader know what they should be hunting for.   His work is very much the organic horrific stuff of Giger’s movie creations–good material for hiding images within.

Here are two samples from Find the Xenomorph: An Aliens Search-and-Find Book:

It’s not as easy as you might think.  The idea seems like it’s for kids, but the subject matter makes it more like adults playing tabletop puzzles.  The book includes an answer key to check your findings.  It’s good fun.

Great stocking stuffer material for your favorite sci-fi fan, Find the Xenomorph: An Aliens Search-and-Find Book is out today and available here at Amazon.  Hardcore Alien fans: Don’t miss our extensive list of prior reviews from the franchise at the bottom of our recent tie-in review here.

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