Keys from the Golden Vault preview–Next Dungeons & Dragons is Mission: Impossible heist adventure

Sometimes thieves make the best good guys.  In true Leverage style Wizards of the Coast is starting the year off with a new adventure with a heist theme.  Keys from the Golden Vault, available for pre-order now here at Amazon, looks like a mix of Mission: Impossible and The Italian Job or Army of Thieves, and it’s coming your way next month.  A secret organization called the Golden Vault sends mission briefings to its operatives in the form of magical, golden keys that are inserted into what looks like a mundane music box. Instead of a familiar tune the music box provides a recording with information needed to hunt a particular item of interest.  The Golden Vault is rumored to be associated with metallic dragons and based on one of the good-aligned Outer Planes. Its operatives help the downtrodden and innocent when the law can’t.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Check out our look inside Keys from the Golden Vault:

The 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons expands with thirteen short adventures in Keys from the Golden Vault, ranging from levels 1 to 11.  Each adventure includes two full-page maps: one that players can use to plan their heist, and another the Dungeon Master uses to run the adventure.  Keys from the Golden Vault has an alternate cover by Simen Meyer and a standard cover by Anna Podedworna (both shown above).

Axe from the Grave art by Kai Carpenter
Heist Planning by Alexandre Honore
Vidorant’s Vault by Zuzanna Wuzyk
Afterlife Casino map by Mike Schley
Revel’s End map by Mike Schley
Prisoner Heist by Katerina Ladon
Three-Dragon Ante by Andrew Mar
Skeleton Key from Keys from the Golden Vault
Art by Kent Davis
Skeleton Key from Keys from the Golden Vault

Look for Keys from the Golden Vault beginning February 21, 2023, and pre-order it today here at Amazon.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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